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Elizabeth Matthis
Dear UX Community,

*Don't read this if you hate personal information* ;-)

Unfortunately I have to go into the hospital tomorrow to have a very
small hernia operation, so I'll be out sick for a little bit. I just
returned to HH a week ago and on the trip back did too much lifting of
heavy suitcases. :-( I thought I could manage to live with the
discomfort a while (because my brother is getting married soon and I
don't want to miss the wedding) but I can't drive or pick up my son,
etc. Really annoying, so the Dr said to just get it over with. Serves me
right for bringing back so much heavy food from the USA. (It's true!)
I'll be back before you know it, so just keep doing all the good things
you all do.
The prototyping phase ends this Friday and the Renaissance status update
presentation will be made 30 July so be watching for a mail from Frank
about that. He always has interesting info to impart, so don't miss it.

See you soon,

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