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Totally new window? UI ideas

Martin Hanzel
I was sketching some ideas for a concept OS I'm thinking about (and will
never actually come around to implement). I *did* have some good ideas,
which would need a completely non-OS-specific window style (like Google
Chrome or MS Office 2007 use), which would also make OOo unique :-)

Here are some ideas:

   - Hidden menus - MS's Ribbon concept was made to completely kill menus
   (google The Story of the Ribbon). Okay, maybe we don't have to
*kill*menus, but at least
   *hide* them. Menus are an eyesore and have been around since the Xerox
   ages in 1977 or some crazy number. Idea: when you mouse over the title bar,
   the menus would fade in. This would discourage users from actually using the
   menus at all and use keyboard shortcuts or buttons. Menus have been around
   for 30-ish years; they shouldn't ba around (or at least, in sight) any
   - Dynamic title - Goodbye status bar! The default [document name] - in the title bar will be replaced by other text depending on
   the context. When text is selected, it would display the number of words,
   characters, when a picture is selected, filename, resolution......
   - Title progress bar - The title bar could also act as a progress bar to
   track the progress of saving, loading an image, etc. This would be done by
   making the title bar a smidge transparent and using an underlay of a
   different color to slide across the width of the screen. This effect would
   be best done with a 'glass' theme, like Vista uses.
   - Hyper-context-sensitivity. Why keep the text formatting buttons open
   when you have a shape or picture selected? Oh, yeah. To make the picture
   bold. MS Office does this.