Suppression of Blank Lines in Label and Envelope Printing

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Suppression of Blank Lines in Label and Envelope Printing

Alan Reeve
Back in December 2009, I raised an issue  (107476) requesting that OOo
produce an update to allow Blank Address Lines to be automatically
ignored by checking a tick box.

Since that date, nothing appears to have happened.  During the interim
period I have not been able to progress the issue, but now I want to
raise the issue again.

This issue is very important to users particularly outside North America
because many European addresses have more address lines than the USPS
standard of four lines.

One only has to "Google" the subject to find how many people find
difficulty setting up manual suppression of blank lines.  I believe that
the greater majority of users, particularly those who are not computer
trained, find it almost impossible to use the "Hide With Condition"
statement.  I presume people either "fix" their data source or put up
with blank address lines to get round the issue.

Last year I commented that Mail Merge also suffered from the same
problem, but having tried MM again recently, I find this function
operates correctly now.  It cannot be that difficult to use the same
procedure ( and code) for Labels and Envelopes as for MM.

The international Postal Union (IPU) is revising international postal
addressing standards currently.  This will probably result in many
postal authorities adopting more stringent addressing standards as they
move towards more automatic sorting of mail.

Can I please request that Open Office tackle the issue as soon as possible?

Is there some reason why the Community refuses to sort out this problem?

Have I selected the wrong way of making my request?

Have I chosen the wrong OOo forum?

Or should I go back to sleep?

Alan Reeve

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