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Status Presentation for March, April upcoming

Elizabeth Matthis
Hi All,

 I just noticed that the link to the March status presentation was only
posted on the ux-discuss list, so I thought I'd post it here just in
case not everyone reads both lists.
BTW, the April status presentation will be coming in May, so be on the
look out.

Kind regards,

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Subject: [ux-discuss] Project Renaissance - Status Presentation for
March 2010 available now
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 16:55:34 +0200
From: Andreas Bartel <[hidden email]>
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Organization: Sun Microsystems
To: [hidden email]

Hey everyone,

as announced in the last IRC meeting, the status presentation for March
2010 is out now. Here is the link to the PDF version:

The presentation documents current status of work in progress regarding
slide layouts handling and a few visuals for slide stati.



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