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Michael Pless
Hi everyone,

I think it is time I parted ways with this group, and not without some
regret. But also with some disappointment.

I have enjoyed the discussions and contributions that everyone has made
and I think there are some terrific ideas and people here. My commitment
to OOo remains as strong as ever, and I have looked around at other
office suites, but not found one that offers nearly as much as OOo,
until I look at the offerings of MS and Corel. MS is profoundly
overpriced, and last time I looked at Corel, it was mired in the past.

That said, I think OOo does itself something of a disservice, for some
very powerful features do not make themselves readily apparent, though
addressing this is part of the function of this list and UI group(s).

The relative quietness of this group has hurried my decision along. That
and a degree of confusion as to what exactly is going on: I don't know
what I am supposed to be doing.

Shortly after I joined, I was able to see a mockup or two for a new
interface in Impress and though there was some discussion, it didn't
progress, and I got the feeling that this mockup was to be the new
standard for the UI, despite significant deficiencies and some strong
negative feedback from the community. Meanwhile, the Symphony group at
IBM have essentially gone their own way with Symphony 3 and the
resulting application(s) is/are very slick though not without flaw. I
would dearly like to use a wordprocessor that does not make me long for
applications I used to use over a decade ago.

Along the way, I have from time to time, bluntly asked what is our next
step, what do we need to accomplish short-term, and what is our ultimate
time-frame for completion. I don't know answers to any of these questions.

There have been short bursts of activity when a question about one
aspect or other of the UI has been raised and so too, when a new member
asks for a feature or alteration that is particularly interesting to
them. I remain unconvinced that this a good way to go, and feel that a
single, defined goal is better and ultimately more productive.

Meanwhile, the release of iPad and the forthcoming Android tablets may
well present opportunities for OOo, as well as raise questions about the
direction of this project. Cloud-based office applications are also
maturing. There are also rebranded/reworked OOo versions that look to be
moving on, LibreOffice amongst them.

I'm sorry to sound so negative but when I try to list achievements for
this list, I find too few for the time I've been involved.

There are some great minds and wonderful people on this list and I wish
them all the best with the project and their professional and personal


Michael P

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