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Renaissance UI : Pros and Cons

Nicolas Pujol
Dear User Experience Team,

It's the first time I write about the Renaissance project. So, first at all
I will present myself. I'm an IT consultant in Paris, France since a couple
of years. I have 2 things to highlight since I'm not a developer at all and
pretty bad with English language. So I hope you will understand what I

I know you already done a lot of work in this project and I hope to give
some help to improve that.

So, I think about the prototype you publish :
- That's a very good idea and help to see and to discuss about real things.
- You will have to be carefull with the Ruban model. A lot of people dislike
- Maybe in a first time you will have to offer th choice to use or not the
new interface.
- The ruban in the top reduce too much the workspace. A colum in the left or
right side is better for people with 16/9 screen.

And to finish, I wanted to say the 2 mosts importants things to improve in is :
- The generated graphics (tabs, pies, charts, etc.) with more attractive
forms and colors. Improve the choice color could be very usefull too.
- The use of text and paragraph styles.

Apple did a good job with Pages on this point. You can choose different
styles you want for your Titles and the level you apply will changes the
numbering. I can make a video if you want to see this part on action.

I wish you to be successful.