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Ajay Shyanbhog
A comment on the proposal at

Circular layout of options shown in the proposal linked at around the mouse pointer is sometimes called as "marking menus". One of earlier papers on the technique can be read here 

Marking menus are used throughout a range of softwares from a company called Alias (now owned by Autodesk), popularly known for the 3D modelling and animation package "Maya", and Automobile surface generation product "Studiotools"

Despite the wholesome praise the above products receive for the speed and efficiency of marking menus, no other product in similar category has copied the idea, despite copying being rampant in the industry.

It is quite possible that the technique is patented, preventing other big software houses from copying it.

Strongly suggest the copyright / patent angle should be looked at before incorporating the method.

If there are no patent issues, I whole heartedly recommend its inclusion into OOo. I use marking menus on a everyday basis, and find them irreplaceable.

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Hi Frank, all, thanks for this link! Exca - thanks for reviving this great idea and creating such a detailed proposal [1]. It took quite a while until I recognized, that the Tech-Demo is integrated in the main proposal page (I thought it was just an image). On my Ubuntu with wireless mouse (a combination that doesn't work all the times as expected) the sub-menus open only after releasing the mouse button. As the proposal describes a different (IMHO better) reaction, I think it's broken here. I'd liked to try the gestures for the sub-menus... Looking at Andreas' approach from last May [2] this idea was one of several points he described in his mockup. I tried to find any comments on this specific part of his mockup in the archives, but didn't find any during the next 4 weeks. Is this approach still an idea to keep in mind? I strongly support it! Best regards Bernhard PS: Exca - it would be great, if you could find the time and interest to join this group and subscribe to this mailing list... [1]: [2]: scroll down to point e) Frank Loehmann schrieb: > Hi, > > I just want to point you to a proposal I have received by e-mail. Exca > (his synonym) read about Project Renaissance in the German c't > magazine[1] and was really excited by the approach from Andreas > Schuderer. Please have a look at his proposal: > > > > Exca is not on our UX mailing list, so please keep him on cc if you want > to give feedback to Exca. > > Best regards > > Frank > > [1] > --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: [hidden email] For additional commands, e-mail: [hidden email]