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exca -

I don't know, if it is protected, but the 'marking menus' are already used in other software.

For example it is used in 'The Sims' for the actions-menu in text-form.

Another tool supports a shortcut-menu in circular form to quickly access applications from anywhere. I don't remember the name, but it realy made lief easier.

Reply to Ajay Shyanbhog <[hidden email]>
Subject: [ux-user interface] Mouse gesture context menu [was: Link to  an External Pr

A comment on the proposal at

Circular layout of options shown in the proposal linked at around the mouse pointer is sometimes called as "marking menus". One of earlier papers on the technique can be read here 

Marking menus are used throughout a range of softwares from a company called Alias (now owned by Autodesk), popularly known for the 3D modelling and animation package "Maya", and Automobile surface generation product "Studiotools"

Despite the wholesome praise the above products receive for the speed and efficiency of marking menus, no other product in similar category has copied the idea, despite copying being rampant in the industry.

It is quite possible that the technique is patented, preventing other big software houses from copying it.

Strongly suggest the copyright / patent angle should be looked at before incorporating the method.

If there are no patent issues, I whole heartedly recommend its inclusion into OOo. I use marking menus on a everyday basis, and find them irreplaceable.

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