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Martin de Boer
Dear team,

I like the Fixed Label Toolbar variant 1 the most because:
- The layered solution between traditional menu's
- The approach of working on a presentation from start to finish
- The key buttons open-save-pdf-undo-redo
- The stylish look of the triangle pointing to start-insert-design, etcetera

What could be improved/suggestions:
- I do not like the triangle for sizing the sheet and sorter views. Above
the buttons relate to the 'tab name' so I see a relationship, a arrow-head
shape is logical. But the speaker notes do not relate to the sheet sizing
and sorter views. The triangle does suggest there is a relationship. It
would be better to make this a diamond shape.
- In Adobe Reader, you can make the traditional menu or the quickbutton menu
dissapear with F8 or F9. Could you do this as well for the prototype?

The prototype I liked second best is the scrolling toolbars Variant 2. It's
easier to reach the function that you require, but it looks less logical. I
do not see the need for the ' tab names' in the scroll bar itself. I think
it would prefer if the boxes (with the black line around it) would have
different colors and the tab name at their beginning. The scroll bar is than
a plain scroll bar as we all know them.

Best regards,
Martin de Boer