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Project Renaissance for OpenOffice

Ruediger Werner

I've just read about the Project Renaissance for OpenOffice.
I would like to let you know about my opinion about this kind of user
All my colleagues including me have some experience with the Microsoft
Office 2007. And all of them just /hated/ the ribbon menus, because no
function could be found anymore at the place it was before, so a fluent
work was not possible for users who are acustomed using mostly shotcuts.
The menus in OpenOffice are much more logical allocated than in the
Microsoft Office. My colleagues and me can work quite fluent with the
current version.

*Please don't understand me wrong*, I know that there will be some
change in the user interface necessary in future, and I also appreciate
your work the most. I'm in the software business since about 15 years
now, and in customizing business since about 12 years, and I think I
have some experience.
May be the new style will be better than the old one, and hopefully
better than the existing style in MS Office.
Please leave the option to switch between both styles of the user
interface in the software.
This is not only my opinion, but also from my colleagues and friends, as
well as from all the customers I know.

Thanks for reading and considering our opinion and again, your work is
appreciated highly...

Best regards

RĂ¼diger Werner