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David Arnold-3-3
Dear People,

I only got to know your Project 3 Minutes ago. - I'm quite sorry about that, but already I'm engaged for it is a great project.

You understood which is - I think - of utmost importance in developent: Understanding the user, which could be my grand-ma, too ;)
I doubt that everyone out there in the dev-sphere has acknowledged this fact yet.

Now you know a bit the wood I'm made of as to software strategy.

I recently found something really hot.

For me it's the best user experience I've ever seen on the web. So why not plonge into it a bit and get some vibrant inspirations?

It is:
- Clean
- Fast
- Scalable (adapts automaticly, as you get to know more features) without Overload
- Intuitive
- and Powerful at the same time (Can realise easily the Getting Things Done-Methodology).

Find out how the developer dit it: (simple registration needed)

Best regards,

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