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How to suggest improvements to Open Office

John Roggeveen
I am a longtime WordPerfect user and sometime Word and Open Office user.
I continue to use WordPerfect as I find it has some features that Word and Open Office (which largely mimics Word) do poorly.
I would be interested in participating in a group that suggests improvements or identifies flaws in Open Office that could make it a better product. Is there a way to do that?
If so, please advise me.
Off the top of my head, one thing that continues to drive me crazy is how unfriendly Open Office is when trying to set up Headers and Footers and page numbering. I am still struggling on how to make them work. It is the same problem I encounter when trying to use Word.
WordPerfect is so much simpler (and therefore more "elegant" as mathematicians would say). I allows you to change the header and footer throughout the document and, more importantly, to suppress the header, footer and page numbering when it is convenient to do so on a particular page. Most of the time this means that the face page of the document has headers and page numbering suppressed, but the rest of the document does not (except sometimes at the end, e.g., where there are appendices or schedules). I have, sort of, figured out the "logic" that Word and Open Office use, but even now I still have difficulty putting it into operation and fight with it virtually every time I try. Can you not set up a system in Open Office that would allow you to suppress the header, footer or page numbering on a particular page (or "from here on") in a document, like WordPerfect permits?

I have a few other suggestions that spring up from time to time and I would be interested in providing comments on usability from a user's perspective. My knowledge of programming is ancient and likely of no or little value. You know the technical side, but I see it from the user side.

Keep up the good work.

John Roggeveen
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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