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Feedback Impress Prototype 0.8 / July 14 2009

Andreas Schuderer
Hi there,

Here's some feedback on the current prototype (July 14).

In this prototype, the toolbar layout is different/more detailed. I  
notice that, in working out the arrangement of icons/buttons in the  
toolbars, lines are used to separate icon groups. I argument that,  
when you remove the line, and just retain the spacing, you end up with  
a much cleaner look that separates the icon groups just as well as the  
line does. Direct comparison:

I don't get the meaning of the red/green dot in the corner of the  
buttons. Does this relate to the "delete" vs. "new/duplicate" color  

I like the naming of the main toolbar groups (Start/Insert/...) better  
now. They are named pretty consistent now: They are all verbs (not a  
mixture of verbs and nouns) and indicate "something to do", which  
relates to the user's activities when working on a presentation.  
"Start" is still a general category, but now its purpose is clearer,  
plus you have the analogy to the windows Start button, which is "the  
place to start".

I have the feeling that scrolling through the toolbar is now quicker,  
but I cannot verify this. It still sort of "drags along". A simple  
implementation of animated scrolling that often works would be: Have  
constant time intervals (e.g. 70ms) between the animation steps. Have  
the animation "ease out" (but not ease in) like this: On every step,  
travel the distance of 1/3 of the remaining distance. This will start  
fast, but logarithmically slow down the animation towards the end.  
That way, much of the distance is covered quickly but you still get a  
feeling for the direction and general distance, and towards the end,  
when the animation gets slower, you start to discern the passing  
elements and know which "neighborhood" you're in.

In my first feedback I criticized the border-highlighting of the  
currently active toolbar group, which takes place in the scrolling  
toolbar variants. I suggested a vertical "start of section" title. If  
this is not feasible, or the current group really *must* be  
highlighted, another way to highlight the current group could be to  
slightly dim the other groups:

Here's the mentioned earlier "start of section" suggestion (I'd prefer  
this to dimming or border-highlighting):


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