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Christoph Noack-4
Hi everyone!

We draw to the end of the year. These days, and especially on Christmas
Eve, many people talk about gifts and so do we. We would like to thank
you all for your nicely wrapped presents ... contributions, critique and
noteworthy discussions throughout the whole year 2009. Thank you so much
for keeping this project alive and for steadily improving

To us, and I hope for you too, the year 2009 was an really interesting
one. The UX project got a bit more mature and the tools for our
development (e.g. User Surveys, User Feedback in the OOo Improvement
Program) led to new insights into who our users are and what they really
do. This data is still important for activities like Project
Renaissance, which - in the meantime - went to full speed.

In our point-of-view, the community played an important role, e.g. when
thinking of our Design Idea Collection in April. The ideas and
descriptions still serve as little gifts (input) for the ongoing
development. Similar to the feedback which has been provided to discuss
the Renaissance Prototyping phase ... both intensive and interesting for
all participants. Together with some presentations at conference and
some press coverage, Renaissance seemed to be play the biggest role in
the current year.

But there were also numerous smaller activities, e.g. a wiki survey
supported by us, feedback on many development proposals, the work on a
new printing experience, some string reviews, ... okay, maybe you know
that better than me :-)

There are more things to come next year which might be interesting from
an UX perspective. For example, it has been announced to move the
OpenOffice.org web presence to a new platform to solve many of the
current technical difficulties - maybe a chance to advance in terms of
usability? Or the ongoing effort Renaissance, which will bring the first
real improvements for OpenOffice.org.

We are very much looking forward to work with you - work in terms of
being creative, having fun, and having influence on how things change to
the better. But for now, enjoy your time with your family and your close

Merry Christmas and (soon) a Happy New Year!

Frank & Christoph

Usability * Productivity * Enjoyment

OpenOffice.org User Experience Team

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